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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The gun I will NEVER own: Remington R1911

I generally refrain from flaming guns outright- especially when I haven't had a chance to personally put them through the ringer. However, while at the gun shop today, I saw my third Remington R1911 that I have had a chance to inspect and field strip with a fair level of scrutiny.

All I can say is that the thing looks like a total piece of shit.

The first one I inspected was shortly after they came out. There was a noticeable gap between the slide and the rails on the right side of the frame that opened up an angled channel into the back of the gun. I gave it a pass as I assumed QC slipped while they were trying to meet demand

The second one I inspected had grip panels so misshapen, that you could actually see the gap into the magazine well from the back of the gun. Grip panels aren't a big deal I thought- Hell people rag on RIA and Metroarms all the time for grips, and I like both of them just fine.

The third had a trigger that had a quarter inch gap along the top side of the frame, again had screwed up grips (bad cuts by the grip safety) and looked like it had been checkered by an autistic cat who mistook the panel for a scratching post. At this point I gave up on them.

I have never shot an R1911, but if anyone out there is a happy owner who has one of these guns in spec- PLEASE comment- I have not seen one and it pains me that a company that makes such phenomenal rifles and shotguns, who knows darn well how to make a 1911, has not been able to put one within 50 miles of me.

I did see a nice essex 45 that had been built up, (I assume) sometime in the early 1980s. A fairly faithful A1, the 1911 had only non-GI sights to distinguish it from a true US  Mil style gun. Price was reasonable at 400+tax.

Rant off.


CTone said...

I handled one in a gun shop about a month ago. I didn't notice the fit and finish, but it had a horrific trigger for a 1911, like it was lubricated with flour.

mike's spot said...

Well I guess it is comforting to know I am not the only one who has seen crappy examples of this gun.

Mike W. said...

It'd be nice if folks looking at crap like the R1 would just buy a Dan Wesson and be done with it.

Or hell, just pick up an STI Spartan at the R1's price point.

mike's spot said...

Hey Mike W-

As per usual, you speak truth. Dan Wessons, STI, Springfield Armory, even the nicer RIAs can all be had at the near the same price point (well, not dan wesson but you get my drift). Even the occasional used colt drifts into that price range- yet the R1 continues to sell, and continues to make me sad.

Anonymous said...

This is an old post, but I honestly believe there are too many haters of too many products. For the amount of negative critics in this world, you would think every product in this country would be if absolute perfectness. Its always easier top see someone elses flaws and never their own. I.own a pearl harbor edition R1 and in no way expect a $5000 weapon, if I did expect that, I would pay the $3000-$9000 pricetag of the coveted colts or Sabots

mike's spot said...

You make a great point anon- it is much easier to punish than to praise- however I haven't yet seen the well made R1- and I actively look. Three is a bad sample of the whole, but it is enough to make me nervous about the trend.

also I never want to be guns & ammo-like in the sense that everything gets a glowing review. I've regretted purchases, and I've avoided others.

thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...

I own an R1911 and have none of the issues noted above, lucky I guess. Only gripe would be occasional snags on steel jacketed hollow points, but lets face it, do you REALLY need a hollow point if you've got a .45 and your target is in range (and I knew better than to buy steel, suckered in one last time)??? Bottom line, don't buy chaep ammo. My gun is smooth operating and solid.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you people are talking about. I have a Remington 1911R and it handles well feels good in my hand and shoots flawlessly. I also have a Colt 1911 needless to say its not a Colt but I enjoy shooting it and would recommend it to any one who can not afford a Colt!!!

mike's spot said...


if I find one that doesn't look like it was put together by someone locked in a closet with nothing but meth and an enraged ocelot, I will consider it - but I have not yet seen an r1911 that is up to any kind of manufacturing standard that I consider acceptable for a fraction of the asking price.

Anonymous said...

From gc in OK
Just bought a new one this week. I do not see any of the issues on mine. I now enjoy 17 guns that I've collected over past 60 years. This week in playing with my new toy, its sure been fun . No problems here!

Ryan said...

The ONLY reason this garbage still sells is because uninformed people of my generation (Or those whom are new to Firearms in General) Think that because Remington-rand made 1911's for WWII that the R1 must be a quality firearm.

Anonymous said...

I also just purchased one of these recently. The one I bought is very well put together with tight tolerances all the way around. I have only taken it to the range once, but I didn't have any failures at all.

It's possible that Remington is a little like Apple Computer - the first generation of many of their products are buggy and problematic (and I can't understand why people buy them the day they're available). Wait until they produce it for a while and work out the kinks, and you end up buying a nice, refined product.